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Inspector Gadget: What Is The MADtrix? The MADtrix". Lots of them. Geeks Who Drink: Jonathan Sadowski vs. Show Leose Marese: Episode 1. The Chase Australia: Episode 1. Back of the Nation: Episode 3. The Chase Australia: Episode 2. She can't wait to go plug back into the matrix. The actor was told to act like him because of his cold acting in the movie. Real Time with Bill Maher: Episode This was a great in the matrix trilogy with Laurence and Keanu.

Agents of S. Firestorm clarifies it's the wrong Matrix. Gimple mentions Neo and his ability to dodge bullets.

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The title itself is also mentioned. Studio C: Episode 9. Norm Macdonald Has a Show: M. De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode AFI's Years The Matrix Revisited: Whatisthematrix. Getaway: Episode Edge Codes. Forget About It: Scott Pilgrim vs. Agent Smith is 5. Clips shown. Nostalgia Critic: Foodfight! Agents is 1. Agent Smith is 2.

Agent Smith in the Subway gets an honorable mention. Agent Smith is 1. Neo Meets the Oracle is 8. I Know Kung Fu is 6. The Subway Fight is 5. The Lobby Shootout is 3. Neo Becomes the One is 2.

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Neo is Born and Morpheus vs. Agent Smith get honorable mentions. Bullet Time is 1. Smith Subway Showdown is 1. Cops is 4. The Girls from H. Conker plays as Neo, and Berri is Trinity. In Matrix, Neo and Smith had guns, here both are reaching for a toy monkey. The scene also mimics the camera angles in the Matrix. Michelle Yeoh also did it.

THE MATRIX HAS US :: The Sci-Fi Classic's Startling Modern-Day Relevance

Rasai spits at Ram Prasad Sharma and he sees it flying towards him in slo-mo, he ducks backward and thespittle passes over him - in the same way as when Neo ducks backward to dodge the bullets fired at him. School Rumble: Mitsumete suketchi! Neratte yabun! Woah" - which is a dig at Keanu Reeves, who played Neo. The Helix Including bullet time and dodging bullets.

Also, green screens in the background remind the green displays of the Matrix operators. Keloglan vs. Glory to the Filmmaker! The Fairly OddParents: Wishology! NightWork: Kniha Knih Mr. But he says this is wrong. He says that knowing how to code is driving the car. With Neo, it was his status as a hacker that granted him entry into the real world; that made Morpheus notice him and summon him. He had been trained to think about the underlying mechanics of the world precisely because he had taught himself to think like a hacker. A real-life hacker who called himself The Mentor wrote a short manifesto after his arrest, way back in The similarity in language and mentality is shocking: the loner-geek narrative.

The hunger for knowledge, for information, for mastery. How did human beings lose sight of the potential of computers to be anything-machines, instead of just another media pipeline? It should be emphasized, and emphasized again, that this script, this mindset, this culture, can be followed to perverse conclusions. Less than a month after the film was released, the Columbine massacre happened.

A pair of trenchcoat-sporting social misfits walked into a Colorado high school strapped to the teeth with firearms, echoing a scene from the film to a degree that is unsettling even today. For blatant reasons, the longer-term legacy of The Matrix in the wake of that Columbine moment, and especially in our current national climate—has become inextricably connected to white male rage.

The Elliot Rodgers of the world are high on exactly this cocktail of nerd culture, tech culture, gun culture, woe-is-me lonerism, and toxic, violence-is-the-solution masculinity. The excitement and creative potentiality of building worlds out of code gave way to modern Silicon Valley startup culture, with all its attendant sexism, racism, and megalomaniacal myopia, as power became concentrated among the select priests who understand this sacred language.

There are rumblings that the platforms we inhabit online are making us more depressed , less creatively productive , and have contributed to national unrest and the election of Donald Trump. Yet The Matrix , the film itself, is a work of groundbreaking technical and narrative art created by two trans women. Morpheus, cast as a terrorist by white men in suits, is a warrior for good, and Trinity is a complex, gender-nonconforming, high-ranking resistance officer more compelling than the majority of action heroes coughed up by the blockbuster machine.

All these punks got bullets in their heads, Departments of police, the judges, the feds… Networks at work, keeping people calm This film is, in other words, a potential cocktail of explosive progressive-left politics. Despite this ambiguity, I was struck, when I re-watched it, by how potent and radical a statement it still is. Rappers like Drake and Kendrick mention The Matrix in their lyrics , in order to evoke a kind of god-like power granted, not via brute strength, but via knowledge of the system.

They talk about being in the Matrix as a positive thing, implying they, as black men contending with the system, see a way to liberation through the hacker ethos. The crucial question, then, is: how did progressives, people of color, and empowered queerdos lose control of this narrative to predatory tech oligarchs and angry white men?

The Matrix so readily maps to a narrative of cultural empowerment, liberation, and media and tech literacy— so how did those on the left become the non-rebellious ones, the non-cool ones, the non-hackers?

Why does being Red-Pilled now mean becoming a racist misogynist? Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht are cases in point: initially heroic, but then things got dark and weird.

The Matrix Has You - The Fishbowl

Those are extreme examples, but we could even reference someone like Zuckerberg—with all of us as data-batteries plugged into his Matrix, he has more in common with The Machines than with Neo at this point, whatever his early intentions might have been. The answer turned out to be far more fascinating than any of the film's mysteries. The code, as CNET reported in , was, in fact, just a bunch of sushi recipes.

He says he ended up working on the digital rain after Lana and Lilly Wachowski vetoed a previous sequence that a design team working on The Matrix had created. They wanted something that was more Japanese, more manga," Whiteley says. So Whiteley went home and began browsing through the "stacks of Japanese cookbooks" owned by his wife, looking for inspiration.

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One recipe book in particular caught his eye and the recipes therein served as the basis for what would eventually become the film's iconic falling code. Over the following weeks, Whiteley painstakingly designed and painted each Japanese letter by hand. Originally, Whiteley says, the letters were supposed to flow across the screen from left to right, but when he saw the animation he says it "wasn't evoking any emotion for me. I love that idea that it's about something so mechanical, but amongst it the actual code is extracted from something so organic and free-flowing. Whiteley returned to the source.

Like most Japanese texts, the recipe books were written "back to front" and sentences were read top to bottom.