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The most troubling thing: There were significant and substantial negative effects on math achievement for middle school students, black students, and students in schools that are predominantly black.

Reporting for the Media: Canadian Edition

What are we to make of these results? For education journalists like U. And we linked to it, so readers who wanted to follow up could. The negative test for effect for black kids is buried on like page eighty with no mention that I saw until then…. They will read of mostly positive results, and of negative results framed by the RAND researchers as likely attributable to bad implementation of good policy.

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Tails, I would have won if it were implemented correctly. Everything beyond empirical data is necessarily the realm of theory, and there are many more interesting and intuitive theories for the failures. Or perhaps the explanation could be that six-year-olds are different than thirteen-year-olds, and that restorative justice works in elementary schools but not middle schools.

Fiscal Futures: Media’s Role in Reporting Fiscal Topics | Blog | IBP

It could also be true that the negative results for black students and for all students in predominantly black schools could be attributable to bad implementation. Or perhaps restorative justice is uniquely bad for black students. Accepting that premise, the negative results for black students should suggest that restorative justice is an even more culturally incompetent approach.

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  • Media reports get your ideas and products in front of customers, which increases your brand recognition and drives sales, but they only work if you can catch the reader's interest early. Convincing your reader to keep reading is your primary goal when writing a media report.

    Book traversal links for What's the story? Reporting on asylum in the British media

    By applying the proper techniques, you can grab your readers from the headline and retain their interest. Compose the media report headline. The headline is your "hook" to catch your reader -- use vivid language and verbs. Convey the basic idea of the story in one line; use two lines only if absolutely necessary.

    You may find writing the headline easier after you have finished your media report. Lead the first paragraph with answers to the questions who, what, when, where and why.

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    Be brief and give the most relevant details. Numbers should not merely be listed, but woven into the text in a readable manner. Give facts in an accurate but entertaining manner. Follow the "inverted pyramid" style in the remaining paragraphs of your media report.

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    The inverted pyramid style gives details in descending order of importance. Start with the most important and newest information.

    Continue with remaining details, ending with the oldest and least important. Include as much information as needed but no more. Proofread your copy. Follow the style guide used by your media outlet. Check for spelling and grammar errors even if your word processing program has a built in error-checker.