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1st Edition
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  4. Investigating EFL Teachers’ Perspectives on the Importance and Barriers of Professional Development
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This presentation will offer preliminary findings and will provide evidence of how ELT programmes in Chile adopt, preserve, or promote certain language ideologies in relation to English in the training of new English teachers. Abstract: Critical Pedagogy in language teaching remains fundamental when taking heed of Education as a tool to transform society. Semi-structured interviews to 15 English teachers were carried out.

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Results suggested that teachers are not aware of either Critical Pedagogy principles or its implications in both Education and ELT. Notwithstanding, it is urgent that English Language Teachers measure the use of the mother tongue in classes and understand when code-switching is helpful. Finally, this investigation suggests ideas of when to use code-switching in English Language classrooms in Chile effectively, the benefits of this strategy considering the correlation between English Language Teachers, English Language Learners and both the affective support and learning success.

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In Chile, roles of Mentors are not clearly defined. Seven people participated in this study. Abstract: Based on the Chilean Inclusion law promulgated on and the increase of the number of immigrant children in Chilean classrooms, this research is focused on the increase of the integrative motivation for the learning of English as a foreign language in students inside multicultural classrooms, using culturally-responsive teaching through active learning approach. This research was implemented in a public school with children between 11 and 12 years old, where the high percentage of them were children from other countries for whom even the Spanish communication was difficult.

The application of activities based on active learning and culturally-responsive teaching were used to have results which gave the direction for the reach of the objectives. At the end, this research demonstrated the importance of the inclusion of cultural components into the English as a Foreign Language learning process, obtaining positive results in terms of attitude and motivation towards the English class.

In addition, the implementation of activities based on active learning, contributed to the positive environment during the lessons, motivating the students to be active participants of their learning process. Abstract: The present study explored the ways in which teachers can nurture the interactional space Walsh, they provide to their learners and thus increase opportunities for learning and participation. A particular interactional feature, namely, the effective management of learner interruption, was examined and discussed by means of a Conversation Analysis CA approach.

International Perspectives on Materials in ELT | E-kirja | Ellibs E-kirjakauppa

It is argued that the language choices that teachers make in the moment-by- moment interaction in the classroom can have an effect on the amount and quality of the interaction between teacher and learners Jacknick, ; Walsh, ; Waring, Abstract: This presentation seeks to report on a study addressing the importance that the shaping of learner contributions has in the provision of opportunities for participation and learning in the EFL classroom. These features have been found to promote language participation and learning from a classroom discourse perspective.

This qualitative case study attempts to explore the perceptions of EFL pre-service teachers regarding in-class debates by determining their potential benefits and drawbacks. Main findings indicate that despite the difficulties these students faced before and while debating, e.

Authentic Materials and Cultural Content in EFL Classrooms

In that regard, debates are considered a useful tool for future teaching practice and as a promoter of academic, linguistic and soft skills. Key words: EFL learning, in-class debates, benefits and drawbacks of debates, higher education Presentation. The sample group was 18 students from 3rd year primary school. After a pre-test conducted by the teacher, the class was divided into six multi-level groups of 3 members each one. Then, during 2 weeks the students received six Lessons of 90 minutes each.

Investigating EFL Teachers’ Perspectives on the Importance and Barriers of Professional Development

This case study shows a comparison between stated beliefs of five adult English as a Foreign Language teachers and their classroom practices about oral corrective feedback in a Chilean higher technical institution with the purpose of revealing if teachers have concrete ideas about oral corrective feedback aligned with their practice.

Data collected from a questionnaire and non-participant observations show within the findings a slight concordance between the amount of feedback the teachers provided in the classroom. Nevertheless, findings demonstrate that the relation between the types of corrective feedback teachers believe they provide with lessons observed were significantly different; teachers declared Recast as their preferred type of corrective feedback strategy while observations showed Explicit Correction as the most common thus, most teachers during their lessons did not provide the type of feedback they declared.

Download support letter to attend our conference: Carta a directores de establecimientos educacionales.

Professionalism in English Language Teaching - Silvana Richardson

Each speaker and attendant will have the opportunity to be part of thematic sessions covering different areas of interest. Additionally, in order to facilitate participation there will be an area for poster exhibition. Presentations will be conducted in English. Terms and conditions of abstract revision. Please consider the following points when writing your abstract:. This form should be submitted by 14th April Skip to content March 6, July 15, Ricelt.

follow link September 21, May 5, Ricelt. Submit your paper here More info here. July 29, Ricelt. Second term events and news. To the date, these are the publications that have been published this year. Are you writing a paper? A context section on your research?

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  • De la Barra, E. Veloso, S. ISSN: April 15, Ricelt. February 27, Ricelt. Friday 2nd, June, Proporcionar ushers 2 por sala, 5 para registration, 10 para necesidades emergentes. Paneles para posters. Esta instancia genera una oportunidad para:. Articular programas de pregrado con posgrado. January 20, Ricelt. Hall para registro, zona para coffee break y zona o sala para poster exhibition. Saludos cordiales,. Sede ubicada fuera de la RM.

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    November 24, Ricelt. June 6, Ricelt. Working together towards an informed Chilean ELT classroom. Conference photos. Teacher Education Pre-service. ROOM Teacher education In-service. Methodology and Motivation. Language Development. Socio-cultural Issues and Equity, Professional Development. Policy and Implementation,. Learning to motivate with others. Katharina Glas and Mariangela Sardes. Teaching young learners to read in English Language. Gabriela Jara Marquez.

    Assessing speaking in a 2nd grade primary school. Vilma Rivera Segovia. Catherine Morgado, Paula Charbonneau-Gowdy. Bilingualism: Online discourse analysis texts. Valeria Sumonte, Andrea Fuentealba. How to speak more English into the classroom. Some researchers consider this bilingual practice to be an important coping strategy that helps EMI learners to negotiate meaning of unfamiliar terms and difficult content [ 31 ].

    PBL discussion is another solution to improving classroom interaction. Faculty support and development is also important to improve classroom interaction. With PCK, EMI teachers will be able to enter into dialogue with their students and help them develop a deeper understanding of content [ 25 ]. Additionally, student training is of the same importance to help them sort through various learning sources and develop active and independent habits of learning and thinking.

    Medical humanities is an essential part of any medical curriculum [ 15 ]. Yet, it is an area that falls short both due to a lack of time that is spent covering content in English, but also the inability to express these concepts in English.

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    Meanwhile, the EMI students took Chinese MH courses and participated in service-learning through volunteer activities. This explains why both the teachers and the students evaluated MH learning positively. It also illustrates the importance of institutional context and resources for a successful EMI program.

    An EMI program is context-specific. Social and Cultural resources other than language are also essential for learners to develop international visions and universal values. This study was conducted in a natural setting, where institutional factors, such as admission policies, curriculum design and support, and instructional practices, have limited the ability to conduct an experimental study for a more systematic comparison of EMI and non-EMI learning.

    We chose instead to use a case comparative study to describe differences between the EMI and non-EMI instructional and learning processes. Thus, this study is embedded in the life of a medical school in modern day China. In this study, we examined an EMI medical school program in China in order to identify the challenges and successful local practices.